by Sunmoon

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Originally released in 2009 on Timetheory Netlabel (USA).

[ A protostar is an early stage in the process of star formation and it starts by the contraction of the gas of a giant molecular cloud in the interstellar medium. For a solar-mass star it lasts about 100,000 years, it starts with a core of increased density in a molecular cloud and ends with the formation of a pre-main sequence star, that is hotter than the gas it condensed from, yet is still cooler than ordinary stars. This low temperature doesn't last long as the protostar grows hotter because of the gravitational energy released by infalling matter developing into a main sequence star. ]

It has been expressed on many occasions that Timetheory releases have a bit of a science-fiction bent, and we like our sci-fi heavy on the science. Enter Sunmoon with "Protostar" and you have a mystical, cosmic ambient masterpiece. The sounds are much like the swirling of gasses and matter as a star is formed or destroyed. As you listen you can feel yourself travelling through clouds of vaporized elements and expanding particles. It's a thoroughly engaging listen and one of the more popular TT releases of recent times.

Tune in, turn up, and space out!


released January 27, 2013



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The Space Pod Bucharest, Romania

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